DFTECH – Walkers line and Fairview (ish) in Burlington Ontario

DFTECH was born out of the need for someone to represent the people in IT. I’ve seen a lot of IT positions where the human element has been removed and replaced with the impersonal text lines of ticketing systems and emails.  

Customer service on the other hand has suffered severely in the past few years and people are looking to do business with people who actually respond. People who answer emails and pick up the phone when called.

I feel with my 20 or so years providing enterprise level IT – I can provide that stability without the 2am panic calls or angry customers.

Our success comes from our understanding of our customers needs and our ability to fit technologies accordingly and working together.

DFTECH wants to do business with customers who actively want to do business with us. Working in business IT we naturally need to ask hard questions to get our work done. We need people who want to work with us to achieve things together.

I work fast and have been told my way of explaining technologies and it’s applications to business needs in a calm and concise way.

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