Computer Help

I have been working with computers for over 20 years. I’m one of those guys that goes home from their computer job to their computer at home. Over the years I have learned how to help both business and residential customers.

Business IT Support ($85 per hour)

Business IT Support is the bread and butter for any computer company. I have been helping businesses of all sizes around the greater Toronto area for years. I understand how the business world works. Business IT is all about customer communication and providing value over cost. When money is on the line people want their issues fixed. They want someone who will plan and think about the situation and the likelihood of this issue happening again. I run your business as if it was my own. Because it is – because we’re partners.

1 Hour Remote Support

Once an hour of time has been purchased you will be sent a link to my booking calendar to book a time. It will have my basic information to get things started.

The one hour remote support session usually starts with a phone call, then we go to my website and start a remote screen-share, I fix the problem. If it’s longer than I will usually let you go off the phone, fix the issue and phone you back to review.

We can or will use the following

Screen Sharing
Remote Access

NOTE: As a small business we are billing per hour with a one hour minimum. No muss, no fuss. All other pricing will be priced directly. Hourly billing will allow for simple purchases. Other options are available, but offered on a per customer basis once a relationship has been formed.

Home Computer Help ($65 per hour)

On the other hand, just because you’re at home and not using your computer to make money – everything’s still got to work.  I get it, I’m busy too. Just got home from work, you have a few hours to dedicate to a project or your side hustle and nothing works. Don’t let roadblocks or issues stop you from doing what you want to do.

NOTE: 1 hour billing for customer support allows me to fix an issue, explain it and enter all my notes and billing (after hour conversation). Normally most quick issues will be around 30 minutes to an hour anyways. I need to be honest about the fact that my back-end bookkeeping does take time as well.

How the support process works here at DFTECH

Let’s say you want me to take a look at your home computer. You fill out the contact form. I will email you and let you know that I’ve got your email and start the conversation. I then will probably try and get your contact information so I can give you a call.

When we talk on the phone I will use this time to get a better understanding of what you as the user are trying to do. I need to figure out what I’m dealing with, where it’s breaking and how to fix it all while having a lovely new customer conversation.

Once I have identified your issue I will give you a rough idea on time. This will be a rough estimate and could drastically change. If I feel it’s not going to be an accurate time I’ll let you know. The best example if if I’m working on a problem and I think it will take one hour. I will contact you and see if I can get another hour. Then after that hour, give you an update as to where I’m at and what’s going to happen next. Some issues turn into projects, some computers need to be replaced, I will be as transparent as possible.

When it comes to describing a computer, the problem is hard. My mother will just mix keywords until I start asking questions that lead to her problem. Then I fix it. Because of this I will usually walk you to our website and have you run some software that will allow me to see your screen and have you show me the issue. This makes me understand so much faster and on rare occasions, fix the issue right away with one click. Sure, it’s a rarity – but it does happen!